Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dylan's Candy Bar NYC 2010

What a Scrumptious IDEA!!!!!! This candy store ROCKS!!!!!!
Dylan Lauren, " Ralph Lauren's daughter " is the CEO & Founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar, and she is The Ultimate Candy Queen!
Paul and I had a great time shopping and looking at all the sweet treats this store has to offer. There are over over 300 types of bulk candy, ranging from standard gummy worms,gummy bears, and cola bottles, to wacky gummy teeth, gummy sharks and gummy brains. You can also find novelty and nostalgic candy, including, Wax Lips, Pixy Stix and Pez. Oh, and don't forget about the CHOCOLATE!!!!! They also sell jewelry and clothing items. Paul had to buy me a pair of Cupcake earrings when I screamed, " oh their so cute "!!!!!
They even have Spa products, like Soda Pop Shower Gel, Body Smoothie Lotion, and oh Ice Cream Sugar Scrub!
So, You have to visit if your in the NY area......

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