Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hi everyone!!!!!
Feeling great is what I want to achieve this year and really all the time :)
I've set out by starting to be more active and eating differently. One book that I recently statred reading is called " The Beauty Detox Solution" by Kimberly Snyder, CN. I'm amazed at the information I'm getting from this book, like how to pair the right foods together to get the best results for your body functions. It really is worth reading.

I have been doing the Couchto5K for four weeks now, and it gradually is helping me work my way up to jogging and running. I'm going to be doing some 5K run/walks this year. Overall, I'm feeling so much better and I don't have the pains in the morning that I used to get.

Veggies and stuff!!!!!!!!

I'm enjoying having tasty dishes with mostly veggies on my plate, and in between lot's of raw veggies. For snacks I like to have popcorn that I make on the stove top, I Do Not use a Microwave anymore. We don't even have one in our place.

Eating out at restaurants is not difficult, just pick the healthy stuff.

I hope you feel a little inspired by this post!
You can enjoy food and live a healthy lifestyle <3