Sunday, May 5, 2013

Well, the last two months have been lot's of fun......visiting NYC, seeing friends and trying some tasty foods!
I will admit that I did do some indulging and had a few tasty treats along the way.
I even found some really cool little spots here in Columbus, thanks to a video shoot that I had the pleasure of working on as a make up artist, which is something I enjoy :) insert here > Coolworld Photography and Film and Design. :) <3

I'll start with this wonderfully light and subtly sweet fruit tart that I had from a Beautiful little place called Mozarts Cafe and Piano Bar

 and this awesome little chocolate Mousse Petit Four.

There's also an Amazing coffee shop at The North Market in Columbus called, A Touch of Earth. They have really great coffee and some of their specials are unique in flavor as are the names they choose!

Next......Oh My! The Taco Truck Los Primos, located at 233 W 5th Avenue
Corner of 5th and Forsythe, Victorian Village. I tried the Ceviche and  let me tell you they are the real thing People! If you've lived in Cali or have been to Mexico, then you know! And, it finally convinced my guy that this is what Mexican food IS!!!!!! 

Now, for the NYC trip........

Veggie Burgers!!!!!! = Love 
And of course NY Pizza = Big Love for Paul, haha!

Don't forget a pastry and tea in Central Park = calm beautiful morning, before our day at the Museum of Natural History.  

 And, yes a nice little bar to pop into for some fish tacos and a fish sandwich for Paul. Oh, yeah and my margarita!

Lovely times <3

On to the next adventure in food and travel.......