Friday, February 14, 2014

 Okay......enough of this WINTER!!!!!!

I feel like this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Need to break free from this Winter Hibernation, I'm going crazy.

Time for this>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                                                    Who agrees?  

It's time to wake up in the morning and feeling the warm sun coming into the room. Being able to have the windows open and breathe in the fresh air.......

It's time to take the car to be washed and made shiny!
It's time to go the Farmers Market and walk around in the warmth of the day picking out fresh fruit and veggies!
It's time to go plant some beautiful flowers and feel the heat of the day trickle down your back!
It's time for refreshing icy drinks that make you say Ahhhhhhh!
It's time for the days to be long and sunny! Maybe some days of warm rain to add in once in awhile.
It's time to grill and sit on your patios in the evening!

It's time for the winter to go away and the Warmth of Spring to arrive!